Service center

1. Special customer service organization-after-sales service department

  The company has established a special service organization-after-sales service department, which is responsible for accepting customer service requests, arranging service personnel to implement the service content in accordance with the service procedures and relevant operation instructions, and ensure that customers receive quality services.


2, service supervision means --- set up supervision hotline   

     In order to ensure service quality, the two lines of service and supervision are implemented, and the quality of the service is evaluated by the customer; a dedicated person is set to answer the service supervision hotline, and the customer can supervise the work of the customer service department to ensure that the service execution department continuously improves the work. Supervision Hotline - 0635--7727666

3. Perfect after-sales service network

With the continuous development of the company and the gradual expansion of the market, in order to allow customers to enjoy more timely services, a network-like professional service team has been established and formed. The service personnel implement regional management and implement a regular return visit system for customers, effectively Accelerate the speed of service response and improve service efficiency.


4. Self-prevention and corrective measures

Monthly and quarterly, the customer service department conducts statistics on the problems that occur in the service process, together with relevant departments such as technology, production, and outsourcing, uses statistical analysis methods to analyze, find abnormalities, identify the crux, and formulate corresponding corrections, Preventive measures to avoid similar situations happening again.


5. Personnel responsibility system

Any company employee who receives a customer call (service request or problem complaint) must make timely feedback to the customer, record the problem in detail, and reflect it to the customer service department in time. We can assign specific professional engineers for each type of product to be responsible for technical and consulting services according to customer requirements, effectively ensuring that customer problems can be solved quickly and effectively.


6. Holiday Service Guarantee

During the holidays (national legal holidays), in addition to continuing to open the service hotline, arrange for service engineers to be on duty, management and sales personnel must keep the mobile phone open, so that customers can get timely service support when problems occur during the use of equipment, to provide customers with Thoughtful and considerate service.


7. Continuous safeguards

  Establish and update the knowledge sharing library at any time, and provide the customers with the handling of common problems in the service process, so as to improve the professional and technical level with the customers. Provide training from time to time, including on-site training, centralized technical training or operation, maintenance and repair knowledge training provided according to customer requirements.

Huaxin Service Hotline 0635--7727666